Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Moon...

Hey Sistahs,

I am writing a quick note to say I am re-scheduling my New Moon Visionaries Radio Show for the next new moon. In the end I felt a little rushed and for me this show is about the vibration of Spirit, Wisdom and Divine Peace - so I want to be a little more settled from my hectic work schedule. My guest Liaya agrees that the alignment of the planets is also saying wait - Mercury is going into retrograde so communications will be a challenge for some. I have learned that everything has its right moment.

I have a couple of geese out side my apartment that have decided to build their nest near the entrance of my building. The challenge has been that they are very protective of the entire space surrounding the entrance of my building. I have been taking it in stride the little ones should make their appearance soon. The wild turkeys and my neighbors have not been as patient, lol. Turkeys and Geese fighting is an interesting scene - my neighbor saying she was in a fetal position on the grass because of one of the geese was a bit funny. The neighbor said she complained but what could be done? I thought that some people are so weird when it comes to nature - they want to spray and kill everything as if it does not have a purpose. It is a sad way of looking at life.

Today is the new moon and it is a perfect time to examine the hidden parts of ourselves. It is also a great time to honor the mystery of the unknown that will soon reveal itself - like tiny baby geese from their shells. That which is just born is considered in many ways innocent and in need of protection. This new moon is asking me to nurture and protect the new self I am birthing - to appreciate the shadowy parts of my future and not be afraid of what I can not see in this moment...It is also giving me a nudge to step out on faith and go for a dream that will emerge just as the moon light emerges after this new moon.

Sistahs, continue to live in your light and honor those shadows from which your greatness blooms.

Sis. Camara