Saturday, May 8, 2010

Before I Fix Breakfast: Motherhood & Sistahood

Hugs Sistahs, Mother's Day is coming up tomorrow - well for me it is everyday. I honor my Great Mother constantly and all beings that come from her. I woke this morning and sometimes I oversleep - cause I like to wake up early and meditate/pray with my Spirit Guides - today it did not matter cause the Mother Spirit woke with me anyway and she re-reminded me of many things - she even gave me messages for specific people and parts of it she said to share with everyone...

She reminded me of the time I was in Zanzibar and how twice a day she (the beautiful Ocean) would leave past the reef line and stay gone for a few hours then come back. She told me that when she was gone she would go to feed her other children. She explained that she was the Mother of Many Breasts AND she fed ALL her children. I finally understood a picture of one of the Goddess I had seen recently - so I share her picture with you...

She then said to me, "...many people think they know God but they have hate in their heart and anger...they force people to do as they do, be as they be but they don't know the nature of Spirit...don't let their tyranny scare you - don't let it take you away from what it is you need to do. If all their Priests (even their most holiest) told you "you don't know God" then YOU KNOW ME! If others choose to walk with them (even those you know intimately) let them go, I WILL WALK WITH YOU!

She spoke to me more about Motherhood...she reminded me of all that I had been through and showed me how it had only made me strong. She told me to tell the young Mothers I know to keep strong - even if you sometimes feel alone she (the GREAT MOTHER) is with you. She also said for the younger Mothers to learn from your Big Sistahs and keep them around you-Sistahood is good medicine.

We all come from the Mother of Many Breasts - she feeds and nurtures us when all else can seem chaotic. Keep strong my Sistah Mamas - Honor Yourself tomorrow and ALL days.

Sis. Camara


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POWERFUL you are a great writer sis

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Sistah C said...

Hugs, Sis! Much appreciation to you. I took a look at your site and will order a t-shirt soon! Wonderful work! Would love to commission a SistahGoddess t-shirt from you. Hugs!