Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Goddess Effect

The Goddess Effect - a process when a Sistah decides to return to her most powerful, peaceful, prosperous and loving state AND in doing that a Sistah on the other side of her world begins to open up to the discovery of her own divinity.

Sistahs, I was listening to an interview posted on youtube about three years ago with Kola Boof. SistahGoddess Kola is a Womanist Sudanese writer who known to be outspoken on the plights of Black Wombyn and the African community. In the last part of her interview she says that in this coming century we are going to see the re-emergence of the African Wombyn - that she will once again rise to her proper place after years of oppression and suppression.

I share these same feelings because I see in the SistahWombyn I know a spark - a throwing off of tired dramas and oppressions that have kept us only in chaos. I believe that I am part of this awakening and I am excited to witness this new moment for SistahGoddesses. Really, the Womb Warriors are awakening from all over the globe AND me being a woman of Afrikan descent I am visualizing a true shift for Wombyn of my community.

The thought of the "Goddess Effect" came to me the other morning when I wrote to a Sistah on Wombyn Studies. Spirit told me as I sat in my morning prayers that we SistahGoddess are sooooo interconnected, so woven in our destinies that each time one of us breaks free from the consciousness of a man-made reality and re-remember who we are - we ignite the same for another Sistah in some part of the world.

Kola Boof explains that any community that kills its Mother (kills the image of its Mother) can not ever become prosperous or respected- nor will it ever experience peace. Sistahs, men are not only guilty of this crime but so are women - women who do not know and love themselves - who can't see with their Ancient Memory. Sistahs, WE ARE BC - our whole her-story is before any of the major religions that exists today.

It is only through a re-remembering process that we will rest comfortably in our power. We use our power everyday and many people around us benefit from our power however it is the Wombyn that seldom gets to reap the reward of her power. I witness Wombyn giving a lot of energy to projects, organizations, spiritual institutions, relationships AND most of the time there is not a reciprocity of that energy. The Womb is an high energy center - it brings prosperity and power to any one who controls it...Many people have been aware of this fact for some time and have kept this 'secret' away from those who are best served from this information...Sistahs.

On Wombyn Studies I am witnessing the "Goddess Effect" - we are sharing our stories, learning from each other and in these sacred places we finding a healing. We are moving forward. I give thanks.

Peace and Hugs,
Sis. Camara


SoulSeed Tees said...

that was powerful sis

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Sistah C said...

Thank you, Sis! I appreciate your support! Thank you for joining Wombyn Studies as well! Hugs!

J.Ade said...

i am loving the energy of this blog. i am very appreciate of its existence. thank you for sharing your journey and helping others to delight in their own.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much Sis... All your postings light my soul w/ their loving, powerful truth. Peace & Love, Djen