Sunday, January 16, 2011

As I Progress

Hey Sistahs,

Life is good and really getting busy. I have been working on a few phenominal projects that are taking a lot of my free time but in a really good way!! Wombyn Studies continues to grow- we now offer FREE online classes now and the momentum of those classes is really taking off. Today, Marilyn Fontaine lead us in a beautiful exercise of gratitude in the workshop I AM THANKFUL. If you have time to join us - check it out- it is a fun time to connect with other like minded folks. All of it is completely online.

So, I want to announce another creation of mine - it is a compliment to Wombyn Studies and SistahGoddess. I have created my own TV station and it is called SHE NETWORK. I am very EXCITED because it will put together the work of a lot of Sistahs from around the world! I am still learning how to do everything but I did get up some initial content. I really want to thank my Sistahs who opened up their creative work to the SHE NETWORK- Soraya Jean Louis-McElroy, Sa-Roc, Simphewe Dana and Olowokande-Ame'ye India. I like having Sistahs around who just instantly support projects - it is just a good vibe!! I of course, did not get a chance to get to everyone I know AND that is what is beautiful - so many of us are doing phenomenal work!!!

I got today, that a large part of my purpose is bring Sistahs together - finding ways for us to grow closer, share our wisdom and feel nurtured in the essence of who we are -which is powerful!! I hope to hear from folks if they have content that fits our new SHE NETWORK. Short films, video, etc...

Take a look at the current loop of work. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE drop me a comment either in the right hand side facebook box or the livestream chat box -show some love and leave some comments on what you would like to see. SHE Network is about Sistahs but for everyone to enjoy! Thanks!!!!


Sis. Camara


Anonymous said...

I am so excited about SheTV....This is such a healing and connection movement for Sistah Goddesses everywhere.....I feel major transformation in process and the guidance we can provide as vessels of the Great Mother....Unspeakable Divine Majestic Rising!!!!
It's truly a blessing!!!

Sistah Camara said...

Thank you! Yes, movement is taking place! We are connecting- we are sharing our stories and something beautiful and powerful is happening! I am looking for additional avenues for Sistahs to create more content. Thanks so much for your support an encouragement!