Monday, January 10, 2011

Join Me In My FIRST ONLINE Class!

Hey Sistahs,

I was speaking with a friend the other day and she was witnessing the work I am doing with Wombyn Studies but wondering why I have not done a class of my own. I did have to look clearly at myself and see why I was in a holding pattern on offering my own class.

With a little more observation I finally realized that I need to give myself that final push. I needed that moment where it feels as if you are about to walk off the side of a 20 story building only to realize you have stepped off of the curb. I forever dance with the notion of being perfect when perfection does not exists in the way we see it. WE ARE PERFECT - the bumps, the curves, the blemishes add to our signature of self yet if we are aware of it we sometimes can catch ourselves comparing the truth of who we are to someone is a deep process to catch yourself in illusion.

I sat down over the weekend and decided I was going to complete my e-book I started a few months ago AND I was going to offer a class! So, here I am launching my first course called RETURN TO SELF: A Juice Feasting Journey.

This class will be my 'tell all' about juice fasting. I have fasted regularly for over 16 years. During those years I have learned a lot about how to juice fast and KEEP your life in balance. Many people saw the results of my last juice feast when after 30 days I lost a solid 15 pounds. I was asked over and over again to share my secret for staying on a fast for so long without being depleted or getting sick. I actually worked and did yoga while on this 30 day juice feast! So, know that juice feasting about staying IN your life WHILE detoxing. YES, you can feel good, detox and feast on unlimited juice to ACHIEVE YOUR HEALTH GOALS!!!

The beauty of this first class is that it will be online. I will utilize the Wombyn Studies video chat room for our 'lectures/gatherings/talks'. A preparation course will be offered so that participants know what to buy in terms of food, kitchen equipment and ordinary household items. I will also give low-budget alternatives for those of us who are cash strapped. You CAN do this juice feast on a limited budget!

The information for registration is on my food blog at

The preparation class begins on Wednesday, January 12 or Friday, January 14. Either way, you get lots of info, support and my BONUS E-book on juice feasting!!! The fee for the entire program is $42!!!

Hope you join me!!!

Sis. Camara


Anonymous said...

I'm on my way!!!!